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Upon arrival of your items, please be sure to check them over. If you discover any defects or encounter any problems before use please see our returns policy or send us a message. Some items are flattened for and during the delivery process.

Don't be alarmed! Simply reshape them before popping them into your cage.



Before washing your hammocks, remove any metal clips, rings or other findings.

Machine or hand-wash on a low temperature setting (such as 30°C)

For bigger items take extra care - e.g a wash bag.

To prolong the life of your hammocks tumble-drying is not recommended.

Air dry and if necessary re-shape whilst the item is still damp.

Do not iron any fleece items.



Our premium vinyl stickers are resistant to water, but not fully waterproof. In order to prolong the life of your cage stickers

please avoid submerging them in water. To clean them simply wipe over with a damp cloth and dry afterwards. 

Please note: Our stickers are removable but not reusable, this is due to them losing their shape after removal.

For our paper sticker sets please take extra care, these are not waterproof or

water resistant and therefore should not come come into any contact with water. 

Please also ensure that your furry friend does not have access to any of these stickers,

they are not chew proof and not safe to be nibbled on. Please keep them out of the inside of your pets cage.



All of our handmade products come with some safety advice to ensure they are used correctly.

- As with any pet products, always monitor the use of hammocks and snuggle sacks.

- Dainty Paws recommends that snuggle sacks should not be left in pet cages permanently and without supervision.

- When using hammocks for Hamsters, Dainty Paws recommends that they should be suspended no higher than 15cm.

Unless they are being used as fall breakers from higher levels.

- Always cut away any loose threads and remove hammocks after significant chewing damage has occurred.

Our hammocks are made with an extra layer of anti-pill fleece which makes them sturdier and more robust

against avid chewers, however this does not mean that they are indestructible. Always use with caution.

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