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Treat your hamster, and other small animals, with this Rosewood Shred-a-Log Corrugated Tunnel .


This fun addition to their environment has many different uses, allowing them to use it to hide in, or play with and chew. You can fill this with straw, which will give them a new aspect to this corrugated tunnel, so do not be surprised if all you see of your furry little friend is a nose or the tip of a tail sticking out the shred-a-log.

  • Styled like a cut log
  • Safe and non-toxic material


Small animals will enjoy playing, hiding and nibbling with this toy, and it can even be used with parakeets and parrots when slid over their perch, or hung from a cord.


Dimensions: 9.5cm diameter x L18cm

Rosewood Shred'A'Log Corrugated Tunnel