Striped Glass Dish

Striped Glass Dish


These bowls are 100% safe for use in the Dishwasher, Freezer and even the Microwave.


Each of these dishes has been made in France from fully-tempered glass - proven to be more than twice the strength of regular annealed equivalents. Duralex glass is also BPA-free and completely non-porous, eliminating the risk of the glass tainting food.


These bowls are easily stackable, meaning storing multiple of them a breeze.


Features and Benefits:

Tempered Glass Construction – The highest level of strength and durability

Dishwasher, Freezer & Microwave Safe 

Safety Glass – Bursts into blunt, non-cutting pieces if broken.

BPA-Free and Non-Porous 



  • Diameter: 85mm
  • Height: 41mm
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